Trophy Boi: Naked Gay Flirt – MM Book #410

PUBLISHER DESCRIPTION WANT A TROPHY BOI?Even under the stress of Xander’s campus nudism campaign, he and Ty have grown closer sexually and emotionally with each passing day. Helping Parker manage his budding gay desires has helped Xander and Ty to appreciate the wonders of their relationship. But what if their coaching goes too far?However, the... Continue Reading →

Playing God by Sara Alva

PUBLISHER DESCRIPTION Cast out from his isolated community of telepaths, Dominic is left wandering the woods, defeated and alone. A chance rescue by a hiker is the only thing to stop his downward spiral—though not literally, as he winds up in the valley below his home, struggling to adapt to the Outsiders’ strange way of... Continue Reading →

Our Love: The Story

PUBLISHER DESCRIPTIONWhen had his whole life become so miserable?Bishop knew something had to change when the only bright spots in his life were his online friends. So when a chance to visit one came out of the blue, he knew it was fate…and fate had a plan that involved the guys at his favorite online... Continue Reading →

Dark Craving

The hunter will become the hunted…I’m a monster. I’ve done things that can’t be undone. Things that can never be forgiven.When I saw him, I thought he was an avenging angel who had come to punish my sins.Instead, he captured me and brought me into his world of saints and hunters. Righteous predators who prey... Continue Reading →

Day of Judgment by Aurora Crane and Briar Kearney

RELEASE BLITZ Book Title: Day of Judgment Authors and Publishers: Aurora Crane and Briar Kearney Cover Artist: Cormar Covers Release Date: September 1, 2022 Genre: Dark Contemporary MMM Romance Tropes: Forbidden love, polyamory romance (MMM), established couple  Themes: Good men doing bad things, brutal side of justice, love and duty Heat Rating:  4 flames       Length: 98 000... Continue Reading →

Famine (The Four Horsemen Book #3) by Sienna Moreau

RELEASE BLITZ Book Title: Famine (The Four Horsemen Book #3)  Author and Publisher: Sienna Moreau Cover Artist: Reese Dante Release Date: August 25, 2022 Genre: Dark M/M Paranormal Romance Tropes: Second chance, forbidden love, lovers to enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort Length:  80,000 – 90,000 words  Heat Rating: 3 - 4 flames   It is not a standalone story.... Continue Reading →

Torrvok, Galaxy Warrior #1 🔥🔥🔥

Torrvok, a cunning and skilled warrior, protects Sierra from enemies who hunt them without mercy. But can he keep her safe from the raging beast writhing under his skin?SierraHe rescued me—twice—then protected me on a dangerous chase across a continent.Despite his warnings not to trust him, when we’re together I’m only aware of the pounding... Continue Reading →

Soren (Vampire’s Mate Book 2) Gabe Kingman has never been great with his emotions. His disastrous personal life is evidence enough of that. Returning to be a doctor in his small Colorado hometown was supposed to bring him closer to his family, not push them even further away. He’s been slowly working to repair the mistakes he’s made, but his... Continue Reading →

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