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The Trouble with Trying to Love a Hellion (Murder Sprees and Mute Decrees Book 3) Edovard:Um…I was told I’m supposed to summarize my story here, but recently I’ve learned that blurbs are hard so I’m not sure what to say.My name is Edovard Durand Folange. I’m twenty seven years old from Fresno, California, and recently I moved across the country to live with my new parents and brother. Oppa... Continue Reading →

Shadow of the Arisen (Lands of Wanderlust) Book 1

By: Paul Yoder Narrated by: Nathaniel Priestley Length: 9 hrs and 53 mins Publisher's Summary A must-listen for fans of high-fantasy epics, this sword-and-sorcery high-adventure series will be your new favorite fantasy book. Once a thriving city—now a foul necropolis, ruled over by the arisen dead. The fallen city of Brigganden now poses a threat to the... Continue Reading →

Cair by Eryn Hawk Twenty-five-year-old Luca Elliot lives in a city divided. The humans and the supernaturals mostly keep to their own kind, but Luca—curious and desperate for work—crosses the border and finds himself employed by a tall, stupidly handsome Fae with killer horns. He should be intimidated, but instead, Luca is utterly captivated. Falling for the boss... Continue Reading →

Reveal Blitz for Corrupt Cupid Series,

Series Cover Reveal & Giveaway:Corrupt Cupid SeriesComing February 2023! Universal Series Link Corrupt Cupid is a multi-author collaboration! Ditch the hearts and flowers and step into the dark world of Corrupt Cupid. Each book can be read as a standalone, but why not grab each and every deranged romantic tale as you slip into a... Continue Reading →

My Friend Tyler by Shea Swain

RELEASE BLITZ Book Title: My Friend Tyler Author: Shea Swain Publisher: SSW Publications Cover Artist: Shea Swain Release Date: January 4, 2023 Website page dedicated to book Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance Tropes: Forbidden love, friends to lovers Themes: Coming out, forgiveness Heat Rating: 3 - 4 flames Length: 71 487 words/ 133 pages  It is a standalone... Continue Reading →

Firestone: The Omega & The Exiled Prince

Exiled for a terrible crime, Prince Daegan lives a solitary life until an injured omega washes up on his shore.The unloved, unwanted son of the king, Prince Ellix dreams of the day he’ll finally make his escape through the marriage circuit. That day never comes. Instead, his father arranges a marriage for him. But when... Continue Reading →

Blaine’s Beast

It's the coldest night of the year--the kind of cold that sinks its teeth into the bones of anyone unlucky enough to find themselves at nature's mercy. Frostbitten and exhausted after getting kicked out of his home when he came out to his parents, Blaine is about to become the forest's next victim. But when... Continue Reading →

A Solstice Sin: A Monstrously Romantic Novella Beware the frozen woods at Winter's Height.I wasn't supposed to take the shortcut. I was told never to step foot in the Winter Realm of the Unseelie Fae King.But...I didn't listen. I rarely do. I’m running late to the Solstice gathering at the mountain’s peak, and a shortcut can get me there quicker. I'm... Continue Reading →

You Will Obey: Series Finale It’s all come down to this moment.Deacon: I face new challenges in my relationship and as Alpha, and in both situations, I’ve never needed my mate more. Truths are revealed and sacrifices must be made, but the question is… will I survive what’s coming next?Théoden: Serving two kings is proving to be one of... Continue Reading →


SERIES TOUR  for  A LITTLE CHRISTMAS A Little Christmas is a multi-author series written by  Wendy Rathbone, A.W. Scott, Jamie Kassel, Aster Rae, JP Sayle, Kaytea Kat, Gianni Holmes, Della Cain, TL Travis, R.A. Frick, Sue Brown, Skyler Snow, and B. Ripley. Each book is an MM Daddy/little Christmas twist on The Little Princess Classic tale. Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance Trope: Age Play, Daddy/little Themes: Varied Heat Rating:  Varied... Continue Reading →

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