Scandal (99 Daddies) book 4 by Casey Cox.

  • Excerpt from: Scandal (99 Daddies Book 4)
    “Well, well, well. Look what we have here.”I turned my head in the direction of the smug voice and let out a small gasp.”Porter. I mean, Mr. Porter. Shit, I mean, Mr. Jones.”Well, this had gotten off to a promising start.Porter Jones walked up to me and greeted me with a firm slap on the back. Immediately, I had to turn away. I didn’t want him seeing the pain he had unintentionally inflicted.”Are you alright?” he asked, his voice laden with concern.I took a deep breath and turned around to face him again. “I’m fine,” I said through clenched teeth. The pain would be over soon. I just had to wait it out for a few more moments.”Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.””That’s okay,” I said, my body starting to return to something resembling normality.”Before we go any further,” he said as he closed the space between us, “perhaps we should agree on what we call each other? I’m happy with first names, if you are, Declan?””Yeah, that’s fine.”I didn’t know where to look. As much as my eyes wanted to stare at him, I also wanted to keep them away from him as long as possible. The man had a curious effect on me.I looked down at my empty drink. He must have noticed it, too, because he asked, “Can I get you another one?”I lifted my face to meet his gaze. “Uh, sure. Vodka soda, please.””I’ll be right back.”He grabbed my arm, and the touch spread a searing warmth throughout my entire body. “Don’t move.”I might have been physically still, but my mind was racing at a million miles a minute. I didn’t know how he did it, but somehow, Porter managed to bring up so many conflicting feelings all at once that it gave me whiplash trying to figure them out.He went from smug to nice to arrogant to professional in a heartbeat.Was he doing it on purpose? He did seem to enjoy psyching me out. Trying to intimidate me into telling him what he wanted to find out from me. Or was it just how the man operated? He was in politics, after all. Power plays and manipulating people to get ahead was all in a day’s work for him. I assumed. Scandal (99 Daddies Book 4) !

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Thank you for the ARC read, I voluntarily give this book an honest review. Porter day just got more intense when his boss the Mayor comes to him with a sext gone viral after being leaked. Declan is the reporter that leaked it but he claimed there is more to the story… really!  After meeting reporter, the irritating man is stuck in Porter’s mind but can he trust Declan to keep his secrets. Can a man like Porter even really want a man the multiple sclerosis. Can a real dom show is boy just how valued his is or will a mistake tear them apart. Just awesome how Porter never even blinked at the beginning, easing Declan nerves so well. Great read that keeps you interested from page to page. 

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