The Parenting Habits of Werewolves (Werewolves of Windermere Book 3) by N.J.Lysk

One omega. Two alphas… and two babies. Let the romancing begin!

Devlin’s come a long way since he was asked to choose between two alphas and chose them both, but it’s not only his kids that have some growing up to do if their family is going to make it.

Rami, Naveen and he have moved on from their less than perfect beginning: they have two babies they love, Rami’s in college, Devlin’s researching at university like he dreamed, and Naveen is devoted to teaching their girls Urdu through the three single nursery rhymes and five phrases he knows in the language—also, diapers.

But while the alphas are comfortable with their relationship and Devlin is happy enough to gatecrash, they still have a lot of exploring to do—in bed and out of it—before they find a way to be together that can last forever.

It will all come down to whether they can learn from their past mistakes and trust each other to do better, but when you have been hurt as badly as Devlin has, trust is an expensive coin to spend.

“The Parenting Habits of Werewolves” is the conclusion to the Werewolves of Windermere trilogy, which must be read in order.


N.J. Lysk (pronouns: whatever) is a queer one—in almost every sense of the word—for whom stories have always been their one true home. She studied linguistics and literature (which is to say, someone offered him a genuine excuse to read professionally) and ended up teaching, but writing is their one true love.

Addicted to angst, enamoured of mpreg and always ready to try a new kink (in a book, that’s it!) she became hooked into the Omegaverse through fanfic (but he doesn’t have the patience to write other people’s characters) and has recently expanded from werewolves to hockey players.

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The Parenting Habits of Werewolves (Werewolves of Windermere, #3)

The Parenting Habits of Werewolves by N.J. Lysk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you for the ARC read, I voluntarily give this book an honest review. The pups are here, Devlin, Naveen and Rami have their little family now, only they are not a whole just yet. How can it be when you have an omega that needed different things then a normal one but who needs normal when you get two alphas that are trying to redeem themselves but can one really have redemption if they all have to second guess themselves? Do Rami and Naveen have what Brendan demands at the cost of losing his own omega brother. Finding time will always be a challenge for parents.

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